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Q. How can I apply?
  A. Please fill in the dedicated entry form.
Q. Is there a limit on the number of people for a group?
  A. The number of people is unlimited from minimum 2 people.
Q. Can I apply as a member of multiple groups?
  A. Yes, but in that case, you are required to pay the application fee for each group.
In addition, there is a possibility that your group performing turns are next to each other and therefore you have very short costume-changing or preparing time.
For the same group of people, the application is accepted once only.
Q. Can we change the number of people in the team after the entry?
  A. You can change the number of people any time, before the competition. Send the new information toinfo@anidan.jp
If you add members, you have to pay the application fee for the person you add. In deducting members, we will not be able to refund you for the person you deduct if your payment has already completed.
Q. How long should the music be?
  A. 2 minutes and 30 seconds maximum.
(within the limits, repeating and mixing music is allowed. Also, there is no limit for the number of songs you use)
Q. Can I use video game songs?
  A. Yes, but you can only use Japanese video game songs.
Q. Can I use vocaloid songs?
  A. Yes, you can use vocaloid songs, but the songs must be released by major label, famous and/or used as Japanese anime songs.
Q. Can I use covers of anime songs?
  A. Yes, you can use any covers.
【Dress Code】
Q. Are there rules for dress code?
  A. There is no rule, as long as you are wearing stage costume. It is forbidden to wear over-exposed or discriminatory costume.
We ask for your understanding that we are going to check the costume in advance.
Q. Can I go backstage as an attendant?
  A. Attendants are allowed to accompany teams whose members are all elementary school students or younger. The number of attendants allowed to go backstage depends on the number of team members.(ex:1 attendant for a team with 1〜10members/2 attendants for a team with 11〜20members, and so on)
Hair and make-up helpers are also allowed to go backstage.
Please note that the attendants need to apply in advance and to buy general admission tickets.
Q. Where can I get a ticket?
  A. Ticket information will be updated later. Please wait until the next update.
Q. Can visitors cosplay?
  A. Of course! Cosplay is strongly welcomed!
There are changing rooms and a cloackroom at the venue.
Q. Is filming and photography allowed?
  A. Yes, it is allowed.
【Schedule on the event】
Q. How is the order of the performances decided?
  A. We decide it by a lottery in advance.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.
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