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Anidan GRAND PRIX VOL.6 supported by PROMISE
Date & Time Anidan GRAND PRIX VOL.6 is over.
Location MAIHAMA Amphitheater
  2‐50, Maihama, Urayasu-city, Chiba Pref. TEL:047-381-3898
Qualifications Open to all ages and nationalities - No Experience Needed
Rules & Regulations
◇ Number Of People : Unlimited From Minimum 2 People
◇ Music : Japanese Anime / Video Game / Superhero Music
◇ Dress Code : Stage Costume Required ※it’s not necessary to be related to the music.
◇ Genre Of Dance : All Genres (No Restrictions)
◇ Performance Time : 2minutes & 30seconds Maximum
    (edited music is allowed)
◇ Categories : Kids (For Junior High School Students & Younger Participants)
    Adult (For Over High School Students)
    ※If Team has a high school student even one person, it will be entry for ADULT.
Application Fee 2,000yen per participant (tax included)
Entry period Entry period closed.
*For previous year.
◇ First Prize 100,000yen
◇ Second Prize 30,000yen
◇ First Prize 50,000yen
◇ Second Prize 10,000yen
◇ Jury's Special Prize 10,000yen
◇ Costume Prize 10,000yen
◇ eplus Prize 10,000yen
◇ Tickets : TBA
◇ Dress Code for audience : Costumes are welcomed and encouraged!
◇ Filming & Photography : Allowed
◇ Events : Don't miss out ! Lots of exciting programs coming !!
◇ Details : New information will be released on our website.
Be sure to check back for updates.
Stage Stage
  ※There might be some changes in the size of the stage, due to the instruments installed.
How To Apply Entry period closed.
Sponsorship Anidan executive committee
cosponsorship Street Dance Association
Cooperation World cosplay summit
Special Support SMBC Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.
Support SolutionAlive Co.,ltd
Planning and production BLUE SPLASH INC.
  Contact Contact (The mail form will open.)
  TEL 03-3780-7073
  MAIL info@anidan.jp
  Access from cellular phone Access from cellular phone
*For previous year.
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